• We recommend using ventilators with Streamline 76 system windows. We offer a wide range of pressure and humidity-sensitive ventilators. Hoppe Secustik handles with a lock and stylish Moonline handles are available as well. It is a good idea to install a tilt brake controlled with the handle. With a single move of your hand, you can firmly block an open sash at a selected width. Just turn the handle downwards at 45 degrees. The convenient mechanism enables you to aerate the room without risk that a sudden gust will close the window.

  • If the windows are operated by children, we recommend hardware with a so-called English tilt. It enables you to prevent the window from opening wide while enabling the tilt function.

  • Sash bars provide the window with a unique look since they divide the pane into smaller panels. We provide both internal and adhesive sash bars. Both types come in any Salamander palette colours, enabling you to match then with window profiles.

  • We recommend using a 2.44" wide moving post instead of a standard post as it allows you to enjoy a full opening without any obstructions. The post constitutes a part of one of the sashes.

  • If you value privacy and protection against excessive sunlight, we recommend installing screen-type outer roller blinds, one of the most stylish ways to protect the premises against overheating. The material from which they are made absorbs and reflects a large part of the sunlight, enabling the user to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building.

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